Connect with Us: Row Bears!

UA Crew Boatyard

UA Crew water practices are held at the UA Crew boatyard. The boatyard is located at Griggs Reservoir on Rte 33/Riverside Drive. See below for directions:

Directions to the boatyard from the intersection of Lane Ave. and Rte 33/Riverside Drive:

From Lane Ave., turn right (north) onto Rte 33/Riverside Drive. Go past the Bob Evans, apartments, and disk golf course. Just past the disk golf course, on the left, look for the stone “Griggs Reservoir” sign. Turn left at the sign and park in one of the designated parking areas. (Note: If you pass the gas station on the right, you’ve gone too far.)

There is a narrow road at the north end of the parking area — start walking down that road (downhill). About halfway down, there will be a curved driveway on your right. Walk up the driveway to the fenced in equipment storage area — this is the UA Crew boatyard. Coaches or teammates will be there to meet rowers for the first few days.