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Naming Rights FAQ

UA Crew – Naming Rights FAQs


  • Are there any limitations on the name or shout-out we choose?
    • All names that are presented by a donor for a shell, seat, oar, erg, or shout-out must:  (i) fit the space available on the piece of equipment named (generally meaning that any proposed name cannot exceed three words), (ii) be in good taste (no profanity, please), and (iii) be approved by the UA Crew Trustees (note, however, that it is highly unlikely that any proposed name satisfying (i) and (ii) would not be approved by the trustees).
  • Is it okay to get a group together to purchase a naming right?
    • Absolutely!  You can put together as large of a group as you’d like.  The only request we have is that your group agree in advance on a name satisfying the criteria described above.
  • How long will our name remain on a shell, seat or oar?
    • As long as UA Crew owns the equipment.
  • How long will our shout-out remain on a shell?
    • No less than two school years (and perhaps longer).
  • Do we have to make full payment in advance?
    • We will require at least one-half of the cost of the naming right up front.  For shell naming rights, you can spread the balance of your payments over the following two years.  For other naming rights and shout-outs, you can pay the balance in the following year.  For all multi-year payment agreements, we will require the signing of a very short agreement confirming your commitment to make the balance of payments due.
  • Do we have to write a check for our naming right or shout-out?
    • No.  Although checks (made payable to Upper Arlington Crew, Inc.) make it easier on the organization, we are happy to accept credit card payments.
  • Will we be able to claim a charitable donation deduction for the cost of our naming right or shout-out?
    • Yes.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and you will receive a donation acknowledgment stating that the amount you have paid for your naming right or shout-out is deductible.  Please note, though, that if you choose to pay over multiple years, only the amount paid during a particular year will be deductible on your tax return corresponding to that year.