UA Crew Dock Rebuild - Friday
Starting 7/12/2019 at 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm
Event Groups:
• UA Crew - Special Event

All Hands On Deck! UA Crew and Dublin Crew are rebuilding the rowing dock after 15 years of service. 
We will remove the current dock sections, move them to the boatyard area, disassemble the docks saving the hardware and floats and rebuild the sections with new lumber.
Friday 7/12 - Noon to 5:00 PM
Saturday 7/13 - 8:00 AM to 5 PM
Sunday - Noon to 5 PM (if needed)
Where: Boatyard

Who: Everyone!
If you have rough carpentry skills, they will be put to use. But you don’t need any to help. The building is simple carpentry and assembly of dock hardware, We need all sorts of workers ( see job descriptions below).  e need as many people as possible to get this done over the weekend so we do not impact summer rowing.

We are working on a Signup Genuis to sign up for working, but if it doesn’t get up in time, please email jerryjohnson@uacrew.org with your commitment to help.
When we build the docks 15 years ago, it was a exciting fun weekend of hard work. Please join us to be a part of this project that will service youth rowing for another 15 years!

Jerry Johnson
Executive Director
UA Crew

Youth Rowing Dock Rebuild
July 2019
Job Descriptions
  • Dock Wranglers – Need 4 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Prep and run two coach launches to move dock sections to shore
    Rig dock section for lifting
    Assist moving sections to and from boatyards
    Need to be comfortable in a launch and working near heavy equipment
  • Assembly Section Leaders - Need 3 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Coordinate a team that disassembles old dock sections and build new sections from recycled hardware, floats and new lumber.
    Directs team of 15-20 workers per section
  • Dock Assembly – Need 10 per section
    Under direction of Section Leader, disassemble old dock sections and build new sections from recycled hardware, floats and new lumber.
    Basic carpentry skills useful but not essential. Includes cleaning old hardware, drilling, driving deck screws, using socket wrenches to secure hardware.
    Must be willing to follow direction of Section Leader
  • Float Cleaners – Need 4
    Using power washers, clean dock floats as they are removed from old docks sections
    Need eye protection
  • Chop Saw Station – Need 6
    Cut lumber to specific lengths at direction of Section Leaders using 10 inch chop saw
    Requires handling 14 and 12 foot boards
    Must make accurate cuts
  • Dumpster Control – Need 6
    Responsible for compact packing of dumpster with discarded lumber. Help remove lumber from construction areas.
    Need heavy work gloves and eye protection
  • Water Runners – Need 4
    Ensure hydration of all workers by stoking iced coolers with bottled water
  • General Runners – Need 4
    Help with moving of equipment and supplies around work area.
    Make resupply runs to Lowes when requested
  • Floaters – Need as many as possible
    Fill in where ever needed
Tools Needed:
  • Power drills and drivers.
  • Driver bits are: Star, Square (#2), Phillips for old docks. Using Star bits for all new construction
  • Drill bits: ½ inch for all connecting hardware
  • Cordless drivers best but there will be generators on site for recharging batteries and running powered tools. If you bring a corded tool, please provide your own extension cords that can reach 100 ft.
  • Chop saw with roller extensions. Must be large enough to handle 10 inch lumber.
  • Socket wrenches – 3/4 in (19mm) and 9/16 in (15 mm) sockets or open end wrenches
Equipment Needed:
  • Power washers – 2
  • Roller Stands – 2
  • Chop Saw Work Station – 2
  • Generators – 3 (UA has two on site)

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