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About Rowing

Rowing has a language of its own. Below is some basic information about rowing. Additional information can be found in the UA Crew Handbook and at the US Rowing website.

Rower Types

  • Heavyweight – rower weighing more than 160lbs (for boys) or 130lbs (for girls)
  • Lightweight – not heavyweight (all rowers in a lightweight boat must weigh in on race day and each be less than the max weight)
  • Coxswain – guides the boat down the race course
  • Varsity – Rowers with more than 1 year of experience
  • Novice – 1st year rowers, regardless of age
  • JV & Classes – In some races, multiple boats of a given size will race for UA Crew. They can be classified as Jr Varsity or Varsity A, B, or C. Other teams will do the same, allowing rowers to compete against others of equal skill and ability.

Racing Types

  • Head Racing – race for time. Typically 5k meters long. Boats traverse the course one at a time for the best overall time. Fall regattas follow this format. Medals are awared for the top 3 spots.
  • Sprint Racing – race for place. Typically 2k meters long. Boats line up at a starting line and race against each other to the finish. Spring regattas follow this format. Medals are awarded for the top 3 in finals.
  • Ergattas – indoor rowing machine race. Typically 2k meters. Rowers compete as individuals on rowing machines. Several machines are hooked together via computer. Medals are awarded for the top 3 spots.

Skulling vs. Rowing

  • Sculling is 2 oars per person, sweeping is 1 oar per person

Boat Types

  • UA Crew
    • 8+ (8 rowers + coxswain)
    • 4+ (4 rowers + coxswain)
    • 2- (2 rowers without coxswain)
  • Other types
    • 4- (4 rowers, no coxswain)
    • 4x (4 rowers, no coxswain, 2 oars each)
    • 2x (2 rowers, no coxswain, 2 oars each)
    • 1x (1 rower, 2 oars)
    • (+ means with coxswain, – means without, x means two oars or “scull”)
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