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Crew Brew

There is a significant financial investment required by families to cover the equipment, training and travel costs for crew. To help offset this, UA Crew has a fundraiser--a coffee sale that we’re calling Crew Brew.
Crew Brew is fresh roasted coffee and artisan teas by Giving Bean Coffee.

Giving Bean Coffee

Our coffee is carefully selected as green imported coffee beans from South and Central America, Africa and Indonesia. Arabica beans are select varieties that are grown generally at higher altitudes and in more favorable conditions than lesser quality Robusta beans which are grown on the plains. 

We only select specialty quality Arabicas that exhibit the qualitites we desire in our end product.

We then blend certain varieties to achieve desired balance and taste. Giving Bean blends are roasted in small batches by varying temperature, airflow and roasting time to develop profiles for medium, darker and darkest roasts with various preferences for body, and degrees of acidity.

We create blends as well as single origin coffees to satisfy a broad spectrum of coffee lovers.

Our signature blends appeal to coffee drinkers that appreciate great balanced coffees and the taste difference fresh roasting can make. We achieve smoothness and body in our blends while catering to popular degree of roast preferences. We also have created our own versions of the USA's most popular flavored coffees, being Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut and Cinnamon.  Most flavored coffee being sold in markets are pure Robusta or a Blend of Robusta and lesser grade Arbicas covered up by extra strong flavoring. Not ours! We make these using only Central and South American 100% Specialty Arabica beans roasted for the ultimate in smooth-flavored specialty coffee taste.

See you next fall! 
Contact your favorite UA Crew Athlete to place your order!
Spring 2018 Results:  Athletes sold in excess $13,000 of Crew Brew.  
Over $5800 was used to offset regatta fees for the UA Crew athletes who participated in the fundraiser!
Questions?  Contact [email protected] 
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