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UA Crew Coaches Cup

What is the UA Crew Coaches Cup?

The Coach’s Cup is an award presented to one senior male and one senior female athlete who has demonstrated the characteristics of an exemplary student-athlete.
They have clearly executed the expectations of a UA CREW athlete over the past 4 years of their high school career. 

Coaches Cup Winners by year

2023 Ella Peddicord, Ethan Dunlap
2022 Anneliese Johanni, Alexander Wilkins
2021 Lindsay Holman, Sam Wyzlic 
2020 Peter Johanni, Avery Kelley 
2019 Blake Skidmore, Elena Moehring 
2018 Philip Chalmers, Rose Saalman
2017 Griffin Burcham, Paige Macnaughton
2016 Allison Mellor, Kendall Trudeau 
2016 Graham Boyer, Jack Holman
2015 Genevieve Johanni, Nick Kochanek
2014 Grace Saalman, Bridget Schodorf, Peter Bruce 
2014 Tobey Kegley, Kaitlyn Roberts 
2014 Ashley Cameron, Hannah Johnston 
2013 Griffith Brown, Ashley Holden 
2012 Addison Moore, Zoe Ribar
2011 Zoe Ribar, Grant Schick, Perry Kleinhenz
2010 Emily Wilt, Zach Lowe
2009 Alex Smart, Olivia Vonlembke
2009 Blake Haxton, Alan Chan
2008 Jenni Gill, Austin Salmons
2008 Zack Cramp, Marco Benedetti, Peter Elliot
2008 Jon King, Steve Halsey, Justin Carothers 
2007 Greg Schmit, Dylan Young
2007 Danielle Ewart 
2006 Brooke Grimes, Than Hopkins
2005 Kristin Sisterhen, Dan Culicover
2004 Jon Swanson, Dan Culicover 
2004 Chelsea Ritter-Soronen
2003 Laura Schenck, Andy Trafford
2002 Mariah Rossel, Emily Royse
2002 Adam Hirsch
2001 Erik Von Frese, Brian Ray
2001 Maria Grimes 
2000 Meredith Gerber, Christen Young 
1999 Laura Rigrish, Nate Millison
1998 Phil Karl, Anna Cosio
1997 Cullen Klein, Grady Knight 
1997 Elizabeth Arnebeck, Elizabeth Johnson
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