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UA Crew Bears Represent at The Hoover Classic!
Bears represent at the Hoover Classic 2022 bringing home medals in 4 events.

MV8+ Lightweight 3rd 
MV4+ 1st 
M2V4+ 3rd 
MV8+ 3rd 
See below for complete list of results.
MV8+ Lightweight 3rd 
WV8+ 5th
W2V8+ 9th
W Novice 4+ 4th
W 2 Novice 4+ 12th
MV4+ 1st 
M2V4+ 3rd 
M3V4+ 6th
M Novice 8+ 5th
M2 Novice 8+ 12th
WV4+ 7th
W2V4+ 8th
W3V4+ 10th
M Novice 4+ 6th
W Novice 8+ 4th
M2V8+ 5th
M3V8+ 9th
MV8+ 3rd