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Fall 2020 Registration Details
Registration for the Fall 2020 season is now open! 

The deadline to register is 8/30. Please note that if you are not registered you will not be able to participate in any team activities when practice begins 8/31. Registration is again being hosted on Regatta Central, and for returning athletes the process will be much the same as in years past. There are a few minor changes from years past which I will highlight below. Please share this email with anyone you know who may be interested in rowing!

To register: follow this link to UA Crew's Regatta Central page.  

1. Select your registration category:
- Varsity Men or Varsity Women
- Novice Men or Novice Women - select this option if you are a first year rower know you want to row the entire fall season
2 week free trial - first year rowers only; select this option to try us out for 2 weeks to see if this sport is right for you 
- Optional: UA Fitness is offering a reduced 3 month membership to our athletes. Select this as an additional option if you would like to take advantage of their offer. Please note that we will NOT have access to the UAHS weight room for the foreseeable future.

You will be asked to join or renew your USRowing membership at a later date. (Novice parents - the basic membership is $9.75/yr and is necessary for athletes to compete in sanctioned regattas)

2. Log in. Returning athletes should use their existing credentials to log in, returning rowers will need to create an account.

3. Complete your registration by providing insurance information and waivers. . Please read these expectations carefully, they are vital for us to have a safe and uninterrupted season.

4. Complete your payment (unless you are taking advantage of the free trial). Please note that if you have an outstanding balance from prior years you will need to pay it in full or arrange an approved repayment plan to complete your registration.

Dues for this fall are $775, $850 if you select the gym option. This is about half of the 2019 Fall dues since we do not have any trip fees. If we are able to schedule any fall races trip fees will be billed separately, as we have done with select regattas in past years. If you are unable to pay dues all at once please contact Kevin Mueller ([email protected]) or treasurer Dennis Vanek ([email protected]) to discuss alternate arrangements - we will do our best to work with you. We have done everything we can to keep costs as low as possible and we do not want anyone to miss out a chance to participate due to costs. If you have any questions on how dues are calculated please do not hesitate to contact me and I'll be happy to walk you through the process.

Look for more information about Meet the Team night (tentatively scheduled at the boatyard near the end of the 2 week trial period). Novice parents, at that meeting you will have a chance to see all of the equipment, hear from the coaches, and get a glimpse of what your kids will be doing.

- Varsity athletes will have an intro session at the boatyard later this week with your coaches.  All varsity athletes should report to the boatyard Thursday 8/27 at 4:15 to go through the changes to practice procedures and to move launches to the river. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN DAY FOR VARSITY WOMEN. Our apologies for multiple changes, but schedules have been in great flux as we push to get everything ready for the season.
- ALL ATHLETES will report to the boatyard  Monday 8/31 for the first day of practice. The boatyard is located behind the Griggs Reservoir Patrol Station at 2929 Riverside Dr (south of Zollinger, near the dam). First-year athletes should wear comfortable workout clothes.
     - Varsity and Novice Men: report at 4:00
     - Varsity Women: report at 3:45
     - Novice Women: report at 4:30
- NO WATER BOTTLES ARE TO BE SHARED. Please bring a water bottle marked with your name.

If you borrowed an erg for summer please hold on to it a little longer while we locate a storage space. We are not able to access our normal space in UAHS at this time. If you absolutely must have it gone because you find yourself out of space or unable to resist the urge to do your 4th 2k of the day please contact me and we will make alternate arrangements to pick up your erg.

Attachments Available To Download:
COVID-19 Safety Guidelines & Expectations