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  • Why: This is your opportunity to try crew out before you decide to join our awesome team — no obligation.
  • Who: All high school students, regardless of grade level or experience.
  • When: August 2018
  • Where: UA Crew Boatyard, Griggs Reservoir
  • Directions:
Sign up for the Free Trial Here: (You’ll need to click on ‘Teams/Groups’, then scroll to the UA Crew Free Trial to register.)
Coach Contacts:
Parent Information Night: August 2018, UA Crew Boatyard

Be sure to bring water and wear close-fitting shorts, t-shirt, athletic shoes, and sunscreen.

Why UA Crew?

  • Teammates – We have over 100 motivated and ambitious student athletes who are successful on the water and in the classroom.
  • Get fit and healthy – Rowing is a full body sport that works 84% of your muscles, requiring both strength and aerobic conditioning.
  • Travel – Our nationally ranked boys’ and girls’ teams travel throughout Ohio and across state lines to compete against some of the best teams in the nation.
  • Pride – In our 25 years, we have earned 20 trips to the Head of the Charles, dozens of regional and national medals, and 22 college scholarships. 3 Olympic rowers are UA Crew alumni.
  • The Race – We general race 60 foot long 8-boats and 45 foot long 4-boats 5000 meters in the fall, and 2000 meters in the spring. A 2000 meter race is physiologically equal to playing two back-to-back basketball games.
  • No-Cut Sport – Everyone interested has the opportunity to develop skills and learn. Your teammates and coaches will encourage you to achieve your highest potential.
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