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New to Crew?

New to Crew?

Thinking about joining UA Crew? Hooray!
Don't know where to start? Let us help!

If you are a family that is new to UA Crew, here are some basics. The website has a lot of information for more specifics, but this page will get you started.

UA Crew has been around for 30 years. We are a club sport in the fall (not run as a school sport), and a scholastic sport (run as a UAHS sport) in the spring. That means that gym credit and varsity status for the high school are only offered during the spring. And we are fully self-funded in the fall.

UA Crew Basics
Fall season practices start the first week of school (usually the Monday of the week school starts - In 2023, the first practice will most likely be August 14th.)

Spring season practices start in March, date tbd based on school break calendar.

Practices are typically 4-6:30 M-F at the river (Griggs Reservior on the UA side of the river, just across from the Marathon station), unless otherwise moved to the high school for inclement weather. Saturdays, practices are typically early morning 7:30-10am either at the river or high school.

Weather - UA Crew rows in the sun, rain, wind and snow unless deemed dangerous conditions. Appropriate attire is required at all practices or the athlete will not be able to participate.

All athletes will participate in every regatta unless deemed ineligible (grades, attendance at practice, etc.). There are a couple of "select boats only" regattas each season that only top boats will attend. Coaches determine the line ups and roster for those events. Participating athletes will be notified independently if participating in "select boats only" regattas.

Crew is a no-tryout sport. All of our athletes participate in every regatta unless a pre-qualification is required. Attendance, attitude, and erg times all contribute to “select boat” status.

The fall regatta season typically includes a Varsity-only Cleveland regatta, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and sometimes Tennessee, as well as our own sponsored regatta, The Haxton, in October.

The spring regatta season typically includes Cincinnati, Westerville, Michigan and local scrimmages, and sometimes Tennessee. Regatta calendars are determined by the board and can change from year-to-year.

Transportation - athletes must get themselves to and from all practices at the river and high school on their own accord. Regatta transportation is provided by the board, booked in advance, and covered by the cost of the fees. All athletes must ride the bus to and from every regatta as a team. Busses depart from the high school and sometimes depart during school hours (excused absence) for regattas that start during the week (Thursdays or Fridays).

• Accommodations - hotel accommodations are provided and covered by the cost of the fees. Chaperones travel with athletes on the bus and assign rooms to all athletes for every regatta. All athletes are required to travel with and stay with the team. Accommodations and travel expenses for any "select regattas" are additional fees to be billed at the time of the regatta. Parents are not informed in advance where athletes are staying. Parents traveling to watch regattas must book and pay for their own travel and accommodations.

UA Crew fees are split into two categories: Participation/equipment fees and Regatta fees. You can estimate approximately $1000 for each (total ~$2000) per athlete, per season. These cover equipment costs (one shell costs approximately $50,000), coaches fees in the fall, transportation to/from all regattas, food, accommodations, regatta fees, etc.

Trial Period - Each season, we offer a 2-week trial period to try Crew before paying any fees. These are the first two weeks of practice for each season. If you have not tried rowing before, this is a great time to try it out before you commit. Once the trial period is over, you must pay all fees to participate. We offer a financial assistance program, click here for more information on fees and assistance.

For more information on how to register, and FAQs or reach out to [email protected] for specific questions.
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